Real Life Situations, this is the clue!

Grammar is important when you are learning a second language, but you don't need to memorize rules and gramatical structures, what you need is to understand the grammar for a better comprehension of the language. With our method we will help you to speak and maintain a relationship between the language and your real life.

Through conversation between instructor and students, we practice talking about real life events while learning the grammar throughout the lesson. Alternatively, many language schools teach students a lot of grammar but when they need to speak, it is very difficult for them.  Our goal is for our students to be able to use Spanish in practical situations quickly!

For over ten years, our instructors have been using this methodology with great success.  One of our biggest benefits is our ability to be flexible and work with you on the optimal schedule and location to fit your life.  

When you spoke your first words in your native language, did your parents teach you grammar? Did they make you complete papers with tons of exercises? Maybe fill in the blanks or perform matching exercises? If the answer is NO, then you are in the right place and on your way to learning Spanish.

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Affordable rates!

Our rates are very affordable. In fact, you'll pay less money taking private Spanish classes with us than in a Spanish language school or with other instructors. The rates vary depending on the number of hours per week, number of people in the lesson. Click here to request more information.

In person, Skype or Facetime

Sometimes you don't have the time to have your instructor in your office or home, or maybe you need to make up a lesson due to your busy schedule! You can have your lesson using Facetime, Skype or any other platform you prefer.

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